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Innovation of Qingdao Bay Bridge

Construction of the bridge features complexity, difficulty in engineering management and technology, numerous innovations, which are listed below:
1. Huge project
It is the longest oversea bridge in the world, which is 41.58km in length, including the 260m and 120m rare cable-stayed bridge and the self-anchored suspend lock bridge with a span of 260m; it has the first oversea interchange in the world—Red Island interchange; altogether there are 5238 oversea punching bored concrete pile, creating the new world record for the number.
2. New anti-erosion system
The bridge is under multi-erosion circumstances such as that of salinity, freeze thawing, sea fog, typhoon, storm and industrial discharge, presenting the bad erosion environment. Its anti-erosion system has unique feature.
3. New construction process
Since its commencement of work, the bridge has obtained 21 new records for enterprise, with non-bottom sealing technology in concrete pouring jacket the first creation in the world. Hanging process in the large section of steel container in the shipping section of bridge adopts rotary drilling unit offshore construction Φ2.5m piles, which is based on GPS measurement and orientation system of RTK and VRS technology, creating new record in domestic construction.
4. New design structure
Navigable span of cable-stayed bridge adopts subdivision rare box beam and keying lug anchoring method, featuring simple structure and uniqueness. Self-anchored suspend cable bridge adopts the single space cable structure using 260m large-span of single tower, main beam of which is doubling piece of steel box beam + horizontal connection box, canceling the anchorage basis of suspend cable bridge in the sea, making the structure powerful and full of vigor. The same structure has been firstly adopted by domestic application. Anchoring system is exquisite in design. Non-navigable span has adopted the separated double width long-span prestressed concrete structure the first time, with prefabricated erection for the whole span, advanced construction, reasonable design, which improves construction quality and speed up progress.
5. New construction mode
It is the first domestic ultra-large bridge project that conducts international bidding through project entity, adopt BOT management mode in construction and also a historic trial in large-scale bridge construction management in China. The gradual connection to the international management mode of large-scale projects will provide reference for innovation of construction management system in construction of highway and bridge of China.
6. New management method
4D technology and 4D management have formed the 4D construction management system of Qingdao Gulf Bridge, which is the first in China. Bank loan, bank acceptance bill and RMB interest rate swap are adopted to realize finance, which is the first finance mode for important project in China.
7. New scientific and research result
Non-bottom sealing of concrete pouring jacket under water has won the special honor from China Highway Association for technological advance in 2009. The subject as “Research and application of 4D construction management based on IFC standard” won the first prize as “Huaxia scientific and technology award for construction” from housing and construction department in 2009. Three-dimensional satellite positioning and measuring control system of high-precision of Qingdao Gulf Bridge won the second prize for Shandong technological advance; research of temperature reduction in cement concrete won second prize from China Highway Association for technological advance in 2009. Recyclable pouring jacket cofferdam won the first prize for Shandong highway scientific and technological innovation etc.

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