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 Construction features of Qingdao Bay Bridge

1. Long ice period: Jiaozhou Bay, where the bridge is located, has an annual ice period of around 60 days and the annual freeze thawing cycle is 50 times;
2. High saline: Saline degree of Jiaozhou Bay is around 29.4‰ ~32.6‰, which is next to 2 times of other cross-sea bridge in China;
3. High environmental protection requirement: Qingdao is the national tourism city in China; construction of the bridge has to be coordinated with the environment firstly; sea area where the bridge locates is abundant in sea creatures, which is demanding as for environment protection during construction and operation;
4. Dual limitation from shipping and airline: Navigation standard of Cangkou navigable bridge is the ship weighed 10 thousand ton and the clearance is 190*40.5m. Limited height of airline is 120m. Tower height above the bridge and arrangement space for the pulling rope is limited;
5. It is the longest cross-sea bridge, with an overall length exceeding 41.58km;
6. Number of punching bored concrete pile in the sea of the bridge is 5127, which ranks first worldwide;
7. It is the first cross-sea bridge in the world to adopt low pile cap;
8. The non-bottom sealing technology in concrete pouring jacket is the first in the world.

Construction sewage, waste produced through by the bridge is collected in a unified manner and discharged at the appointed site. By no means will the sea area under construction be polluted.

The cross-sea bridge adopting low-pile cap firstly in China

The first super-huge colonized project of bridge in freezing sea area in China

The first interflow interchange on sea in China—Red Island Interchange

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