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Highway operation and management is the main business of Shandong Hi-Speed Group Co., Ltd. Shandong Hi-Speed Group has developed from initially operating and managing "one and a half highway ", into a group owning 2230 km of completed highway and 600 km of highway under construction, having its foothold in Shandong and spreading its business scope to Sichuan, Henan, Yunnan, Hunan, Hubei and other provinces. Shandong Hi-Speed Group has maintained a sound momentum of rapid expansion; and with high-quality assets, rich experience and excellent brand, it has won the first "China Quality Award" in the same industry in the country and greatly enhanced the brand of "Shandong Road".

The Group has the largest listed company by assets in the national road and bridge industry—Shandong Hi-Speed Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1999, and listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in March 2002 with the stock code of 600350, registered capital of 4.811 billion Yuan. Shandong Hi-Speed Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in the investment and operation management of high-grade highways, bridges, tunnels, ports and other infrastructure as well as urban operations, mining investment and other business. In 2013, the company achieved operating income of 5.831 billion Yuan, total profit of 3.053 billion Yuan and net profit of 2.322 billion Yuan; up to now, the total assets have reached up to 40.213 billion Yuan, the total assets and the total mileage ranked first in the listed companies of the same industry, and the company has been consecutively selected by the SSE 180 index, the CSI 300 index, SSE Corporate Governance Index and Dividend Index and Top 100 Best Managed Listed Companies, and won the Top Corporate Leadership Award in Chinese listed companies, Best Market Value Management Award in Chinese listed companies and other honorary titles.

The Group owns the world's longest cross-sea bridge — Shandong Hi-Speed Kiaochow Bay Bridge. In 2006, Shandong Hi-Speed Group stood out in the fierce competition of global tender with its advantage of excellent brand and won the bid for Kiaochow Bay Bridge project; and after five years of hard work and investment of 10 billion Yuan, it successfully solved high-salt, high-alkali, frequent corrosion, frequent freezing and other world-class technical difficulties, and successfully completed the bridge, winning a number of world honors for China. In the 30th International Bridge Conference in 2013, the bridge was awarded the "George • Richardson Prize", which was the highest international prize awarded to Chinese bridge project by now. In 2012, the bridge appeared in the Guinness world record for the longest cross-sea bridge and Forbes title of "the Greatest Bridge Globally". The original “underwater non-subsealing concrete pouring jacket technology" won the second prize of national technology invention, which was China's only scientific achievement winning this honor in transportation industry in recent years.

The Group accelerates the industrial distribution in the national highway. It possesses Xuyu and Xubo highways in Henan; invests in the construction and operation management of Leyi and Yezi highways in Sichuan and invests in building Leshan Ring Expressway and other projects; invests in the construction and operation management of Suomeng Highway in Yunnan and manages Tongjian and Jishi highways, and invests in Mengzi Beltway (Yangji segment) Highway project; makes successful acquisition of Hengshao Highway in Hunan; makes active acquisition of Wujing Highway in Hubei and the "China Hi-Speed Group" struggled to create has taken shape.

During the operation and management process of highway, the Group attaches great importance to the construction, management and service of service area. Shandong Hi-Speed Service Area Management Co., Ltd. affiliated to the Group, which has registered capital of 450 million Yuan, the total assets of 1.3 billion Yuan, 17 branches of management service area under the jurisdiction,, manages 44 pairs of service areas and parking lots of 11 highways, such as Jingtai Road, Qingyin Road, Jiguang Road, Rilan Road, Rongwei Road, Weiqing Road, Henan Yongdeng Road, Sichuan Leyi Road and so on; and the company achieves annual operating income of more than 3 billion Yuan, provides quality services for the passing drivers and passengers to build "China's first brand of highway service area."

With the information wave of highway operation and management, the Group is rapidly advancing Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), and has set up an electronic toll collection center of the Group, which has quickly occupied more than 85% market shares in the province after just three years. At the same time, taking the opportunity of national network of highway toll collection, it has successfully marched into the third-party electronic payment industry, and developed China's first cross-cutting and cross-industry prepaid card with traffic characteristics and commercial use, achieving the transformation from single business to multi-purpose industry.

Magnificent Ji-Lai Highway
The world's longest cross-sea bridge under the Group’s investment, construction, operation and management —Shandong Hi-Speed Kiaochow Bay Bridge

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