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Railway is a major breakthrough that Shandong Hi-Speed Group has implemented the transformation from the highway with toll period to large transportation industry without toll period, and the main business to build the large transportation industry system and create "century-old shop".

Rail Transit Group (Local Railways Administration of Shandong Province) affiliated to the Group was established in January 1989, responsible for the planning, construction and operation management of the province's local railways. In April 2008, according to the provincial government’s deployment of implementing the large traffic strategy, it was reorganized to join Shandong Hi-Speed Group, and was restructured into Shandong Hi-Speed Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd., meanwhile retained the name of Local Railways Administration of Shandong Province. Currently Rail Transit Group directly manages the operation management of 482 km of local railways, such as Dalailong, Pinglan, Yiyang and so on, 743 km of railways under construction. It has made the successful acquisition of Henan Xinkai Railway, actively explores the urban rail transit business. Its freight volume and turnover ranks first in the national local railways, and it has won honorary titles in succession, such as the "National Advanced Unit of Local Railways", "National Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness", "National May 1st Labor Certificate" and so on.

Shandong Railway Construction Investment Co., Ltd. controlled by the Group was established in December 2008, with the current registered capital of more than 25.2 billion Yuan. It participates in investment, construction and management of the province's railway projects as the contributor representative of Shandong provincial government. According to Shandong Railway Construction Plan in 2008-2015, the province's newly built and reconstructed railways will have reached about 3800 km by 2015, most of which will be invested by Shandong Railway Construction Investment Co., Ltd. According to the arrangement of provincial government, Shandong Railway Construction Investment Co., Ltd. has participated in the construction of more than 10 national railway network trunk railway projects including Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, rail corridor in middle-south Shanxi, Qing-Rong intercity railway, Shi-Ji passenger rail line, De-Da Railway, Long-Yan Railway, Qing-Lian Railway, Huang-Da Railway, etc.. The construction of railway scale that it participates in is about 2300 km, with a total investment of about 191 billion Yuan. The company makes a positive contribution to forming a "four vertical and four horizontal" rail transport pattern in Shandong Province by the end of the "twelfth five-year".

In June 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission officially approved the proposal on the new high-speed railway from Jinan to Qingdao. With a total length of 306 km, Ji-Qing high-speed railway runs through the Shandong Peninsula, and connects multiple central cities, such as Jinan, Binzhou, Zibo, Weifang and Qingdao. It is the first national rail network mainline controlled by local government, and the provincial government obliges Railway Construction Investment Co., Ltd. to lead to form a legal entity for the project. The project is an important part of Qing-Tai passenger transportation of the national "four vertical and four horizontal" rapid railway passenger transportation, of which implementation is conducive for Jinan and Qingdao, two core cities, to play a leading role, to enhance the aggregation force of Jiaoji Economic Development Zone, and will be of great importance in accelerating the infrastructure construction of peninsula urban agglomerations and promoting the regional development strategy of "two zones, one circle and one belt" of our province.

Yiyang Railway under the operation management of Shandong Hi-Speed Rail Transit Group
Jin-Yu-Lu Railway with joint stock of Shandong Railway Construction Investment Co., Ltd.

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