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Logistics is an emerging industry plate focused on the implementation by Shandong Hi-Speed Group, also one of the main businesses approved by the provincial SASAC.

Shandong High-speed Logistics Group Co., Ltd. affiliated to the Group, the flagship enterprise of Shandong logistics industry, was established in August 2011, with registered capital of 5.0 billion; 2.0 billion Yuan capital fund has been put in place in earlier stage, and the scale ranks first in the same industry of Shandong Province and the national forefront. Its main businesses include port and logistics park and other logistics infrastructure, logistics, financial and trade integration, inter-city urban TEUs distribution logistics platform, special logistics and so on.

As the navigator in Shandong logistics industry, based on roads, highways, railways, ports and other transportation basic network infrastructure in Shandong province, through the operation of high starting point and high standards and large-scale, normalized and specialized operation, Shandong High-speed Logistics Group gradually establishes the logistics network covering the whole province, extending to the country and connecting the world, making it a banner of modern logistics industry in Shandong Province and becoming the country's leading logistics enterprise group in the same industry.

Linyi Port under the operation management of Shandong High-speed Logistics Group

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