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Shandong Hi-Speed Group persists in "based in Shandong, facing outside the province, going to the world", vigorously implements the strategy of "going out"; and the international business have been subsequently involved 106 countries and regions in the world, with total investment of 20 billion Yuan. The Group accumulatively completes 91 contracting of foreign construction projects, 30 projects currently under construction and 15 proposed projects.

Over the years, International Cooperation Corporation, Qilu Construction Group, China Road & Bridge Group and other units affiliated to the Group have invested and contracted to build a large number of influential transportation, housing construction, agriculture, municipal administration and electric power projects, among which the built National Stadium project of China’s aid in Bahamas has been highly appraised by Xi Jinping, Wu Bangguo and other Party and state leaders; the undertaken Sudan agricultural technology demonstration center project has become a benchmarking project of China's assistance to agricultural demonstration centers in Africa and has been honored by the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Agriculture. In particular, the Group successfully bided for Vietnam's first highway, Serbia Highway, Algeria Highway, Angola Highway, road upgrading in South Sudan, East Timor Port, Congo (DRC) Railway and other major transport infrastructure projects, making positive contributions to promoting China's large transportation industry to go to the world. Among them, the "Juba - Rumbek - Bentiu road upgrading" project in South Sudan initiated on 7 December 2013, with a total length of over 1000 km, the contract amount of $ 2.1 billion, has become China’s road project with the longest mileage and the largest amount invested constructed in foreign countries currently and has produced a comprehensive demonstration effect in Africa; Serbian highway project officially starting in December 2013 has a total length of 51 km, the contract amount of $ 330 million, building the brand of "Shandong Hi-Speed" in the birthplace of the highway, Europe.

Shandong Hi-Speed Group persists that "Quality is the lifeline of enterprise development, the brand is the lifeblood of market share, and credibility is the lifeline to win customers", opens up markets around the world with honesty and trustworthiness, completes the task on schedule and quality in the implementation of the project, and has won good reputation. Therefore, it attracts admiring customers in East Timor, Iraq and many other major projects, who take the initiative to grant the implementation to Shandong Hi-Speed Group.

In January 2014, the Group's Serbia E763 Highway Project came into operation
Former Politburo Standing Committee, former Chairman of NPC Standing Committee, Comrade Wu Bangguo inspected National Stadium project of China’s aid in Bahamas undertaken by the Group

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